Call of Duty ‘Dumbest Deaths’ eSports Video Editing

Okay, full disclosure, neither Activision nor the Call of Duty team have ever commissioned me for anything! However, having become addicted to improving my Modern Warfare skills I also became interested in video editing for Twitch, esports highlights, and gameplay reviews. During my career I have edited many teasers to music, and you can see other examples of my promo work here for Sky Media and Storm. I’m keen to do more video post-production work in the gaming sector, so if you’re in need of video editing for esports marketing drop me a message!

During a weekend of particularly awful weekend of shoddy CoD gameplay I was mercilessly mown down by bullets, blown up, or otherwise dispatched no fewer than 55 times. I decided to commemorate my epic defeats by cutting together a light-hearted Dumbest Deaths reel.

Personal Gameplay Project | Twitch Video Editing

Call of Duty

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