Pilot YouTube Series Production for Trek Central

When Jack at Redwood Media reached out on Instagram searching for a Producer-Editor to help create a brand refresh for a new season of videos for the popular Star Trek fan site and YouTube channel Trek Central, I leapt at the chance! Taking Jack’s production script and voice track as a starting point I produced a 6-minute pilot episode.

For the pilot I designed a fresh style of motion graphics and a new animation of the brand identity. I also conducted picture research, music selection, and a full sound mix.

“Just received the video you edited for Trek Central... WOW! I, and the team, are seriously impressed, dare I say blown away by the quality of the video. Not only have you captured our style, but adapted it to something modern and vibrant that still fits the content we’re talking about. This is simply fantastic!”

Jack TrestrailDirector & Executive Editor | Redwood Media Ltd
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Trek Central Pilot

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