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Tom Vaughan-Mountford, Video Content Producer.
Tom Vaughan-Mountford

Commercial Producer | Cinematographer | Editor

I am a versatile and experienced DRTV Commercial Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, and Colourist. With almost 25 years of experience in the TV advertising and corporate video production industry, I produce effective and good-looking work, often without the luxury of distant deadlines or generous budgets. As Production Director of the UK television advertising business JMS Group, I have direct involvement in the creation of almost 200 television commercials every year. I’m on a mission to accelerate JMS Group to become one of the top UK DRTV commercial production companies.

My debut video production book Managing a Video Production Company is available from Focal Press. This no-nonsense textbook guides Film and Media Studies students through the steps of starting a production company and growing a successful and creative business.

Check out more of my professional profile at Little Black Book ‘The Essential List’

Just a few of my skills
  • Video Editing (Premiere)
  • Motion Graphics (After Effects)
  • Audio Post-Production (Audition)
  • Graphic Design (InDesign)
  • Colour Grading (DaVinci Resolve)
  • Photography and Cinematography
  • Broadcast Video Quality Control
  • Media Asset Management
  • Television Commercial Production

Career Backstory

I developed a fascination with the technical magic of TV production during the late 1980s, watching the cult Children’s ITV show Knightmare In 2000 I joined Norwich production company JMS Group as a Junior Video Editor, cutting long-form corporate videos for conference presentations. As the business repositioned itself as a creator of Direct Response TV advertising, I established a post-production infrastructure to meet the demands of high-volume TV commercial production. I am now co-owner and Production Director of JMS Group.

I love skateboarding, swimming, running, gymnastics rings, strength training, and mountain bikes. I’m a competent snowboarder and hiker. I love Star Trek and Marvel. I spend some of my downtime gaming, mostly Call of Duty. I love to travel. If I’ve got a rucksack on my back and a flight to catch I’ll be smiling.

Video Editor Tom Vaughan-Mountford in 2001