A storm is coming. High-energy videogame marketing teaser.

This teaser began life, not as videogame marketing, but as a trailer for the personal film project of a local CGI artist. At the client’s request, the pace of the edit was timed to the slow-tempo classical score used in the film. Also, at the original artist’s request, no sound effects were to be added to the trailer. I was never one hundred percent happy with the finished result. So, I reimagined the edit as a cinematic teaser for a fictitious videogame marketing package. The teaser has been recut to a fast-tempo movie trailer track. I also selected sound effects and created a bold soundscape for the piece.

My love of gaming means this isn’t the only self-produced esports video that I’ve put cut just for the hell of it. I also compiled some of my dumbest deaths in Call of Duty Modern Warfare to practice my skills at gameplay editing.

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