Ocado Instagram Stories

My ‘Taste of Summer’ Instagram Stories campaign for the UK online supermarket Ocado were created using nothing more than static photography. The series of Summer-themed dynamic animations appear to have been shot as live-action footage, yet all were created entirely from Ocado’s existing isolated product and seasonal packshot photography. For each of the videos I created a very detailed bespoke soundscape with carefully selected sound effects and appropriate music. Each of the production elements combined to propel this series of Instagram Stories far beyond the routine content Ocado had been previously posting.


Date Night

I created Date Night using knockout packshot images that had been photographed for Ocado’s ecommerce store. To these I added details like falling ice-cubes and carefully considered sound effects and a subtle music bed.


Turn up the Taste

Taking my lead from the client’s Tone of Voice guidelines, I based the creative for this ad on the phrase ‘Turn up the taste’. The selected music track led the movement of the visuals. Dancing olives were synced to the music’s waveform.


Barbecue Selection

This ad was based on the demo that won the pitch. The food in the image was broken into elements, allowing me to reassemble the burger an ingredient at a time. Spinning 3D onion rings were added as from a stock image library.


Taste of Spain

Using the colours of the Spanish flag as a starting point I sourced a suitable music track to pace the product packshot visuals. I recorded a group of people chanting ‘Sabroso’ (tasty) to add further Spanish ambiance to the ad.

Ocado Instagram Stories | What The Client Thought

You surpassed all our expectations throughout the entire creative process, coming up with very diverse and interesting creative concepts, being very flexible with feedback and turning around iterations very quickly. Extremely easy to work with, and everyone internally was impressed with the finished assets.

Clarence SoSenior Strategy Manager | Ocado