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Razorwire Energy was a 2021 winner of Sky’s AdSmart SME100 promotion which awarded subsidised TV advertising campaigns to growing enterprises. JMS Group was briefed by Razorwire to produce a TV spot with appeal to a young market with a strong interest in gaming and esports. From the moment I got eyes on the brief, I was on the same wavelength as the client!

The energy drink sector is crowded, highly competitive, and (in respect of television advertising) tightly regulated. Extravagant production values would not be the key to separating Razorwire from competing brands or established big-name global players. Instead I chose to borrow from meme-culture and the loose production styles of Twitch streamers to build a loud, esoteric, and somewhat scrappy TV spot that screams ‘high energy’ from the first frame to the last.

The commercial’s creative execution went through several rounds of extensive Clearcast deliberation and alteration (earlier variants of the final spot were deemed unbroadcastable) before being finally cleared for transmission, the final regulatory verdict confirms that the Razorwire’s TV campaign is something rather unprecedented,

“This ad is already pushing beyond what we’ve allowed before for energy drinks!”

Razorwire Energy Drink quote.
Internal reaction to the first draft render.
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